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Advocacy and Lobbying

ZAPDD was established to mobilize efforts through engaging stakeholders to address challenges facing persons with intellectual disabilities in Zanzibar

In so doing ZAPDD as a non-service providing institution, runs advocacy programs by engaging service providers both public and private to advocate for them extend their services fairly, to persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the society, where marginalization of persons with intellectual disabilities in the social service institutions and facilities, is still rampant. It also engages other actors in the community including planners and decision makers, as well as the formulators and implementers of various policies, programs and laws to advocate for reasonable accommodation of persons with Intellectual Disabilities in their areas of engagement.

It also lobbies for creation of conducive environment, for accessibility of rights and justice to persons with intellectual disability across social structures and strata.

Generally, ZAPDD pursues the advocacy goal of ensuring the equitable social justice, is reinvented and cemented, through inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities, in all aspects of lives and accessibility of fair justice, rights and opportunities to all.