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The project was initiated following previously experienced challenges in managing micro-projects at the branch level (grass root)

The previous livelihood projects which were intended to contribute to economic empowerment of PWIDs and their families collapsed in all branches which were selected for pilot. The main reason was attributed to lack of key project management skills including M&E.

Another challenge was gross violation of rights of PWIDs in their communities, which was attributed to lack of knowledge on intellectual disability and disability rights among community members.

KUIJENGEA UWEZO ZAPDD project was intended to address both challenges by organizing training in M&E and disability rights based on UN CRPD. The trainings involved almost 30 branches. The trainings began with leaders at national level.

The target is to reach out to all 60 ZAPDD branches across Zanzibar.
The project is funded by Landsforeningen LEV, Denmark.