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ZAPDD being a non-profit organization relies on philanthropy in acquiring most of its resources

The resources particularly financial, are mobilized through contacting individuals and organizations, which have passion of helping persons with intellectual disabilities realize their dreams as humans and most disadvantaged section of the mankind.

The financial resources are then channeled into various programs prioritized based on the needs of its members and national strategies. ZAPDD has employed few paid staffs based on the resources at its disposal, and majority of volunteering staffs to run projects and other daily operational activities.

The tremendous challenge ZAPDD faces however, is the scarcity of resources as opposed to numerous challenges facing persons with intellectual disabilities in Zanzibar. Most of its members are children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, majority of whom are from economically challenged backgrounds. Their economic status not only make them contribute a little in subscription fee but some do not afford it at all, making subscription fee unreliable source of income for the organization.