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Towards Inclusive Vocational Training project was meant to be part of response to economic marginalization against PWIDs in Zanzibar

It was also meant to challenge the widespread misconception among majority of members of the society who believe PWIDs are untrainable because of their intellectual nature of disability. It was meant to empower youths with intellectual disabilities to rise against the challenge of social and economic prejudice and injustice, which denied them opportunities to learn skills that could render them employable, and win them equal chance to participate in economic sphere of life.

The project enables youths to learn various skills including housekeeping and gardening, masonry, painting etc. The training goes together with advocacy initiatives to the general public, including disseminating knowledge on intellectual disabilities, and sensitization efforts to promote the image of PWIDs by communicating talents and potentials possessed by PWIDs, that make them valuable members of the society, who can actively contribute to family, community and national development if conducive environment including skills empowerment is created.

The project is financed by kehitysvammaliitto, Finland.