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The challenge of discrimination for PWIDs in Zanzibar, manifests itself in many aspects

The society discriminates PWIDs in economic sphere of life. Low involvement and participation in economic activities has rendered them poor, and exposed them to more vulnerability, as they depend on others to meet their personal needs. Several reasons contribute to their discrimination includes, deeply entrenched stereotypic attitudes against PWIDs, with inability being the main character attributed to them.

ZAPDD apart from spreading knowledge intended to fight discrimination against PWIDs to the general public, and advocate for inclusion and equal participation in economic activities, through funds it received from partners, has initiated the livelihood project which involves raising a stock of animals e.g. goats, which are then distributed as a business starter among youths with intellectual disabilities, to help them employ themselves through livestock keeping.

However, the project is small and could not benefit many, as the demand is much higher comparable to existing stock. This is just another area which calls for great support from partners.