The project is jointly implemented by ZAPDD with Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) through Inclusive Education and Life Skills (IELS) Unit.
The project is financed by FAIDD. The project aims at empowering youths with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) through vocational skills. It was designed to be an alternative to the theory based learning which proved to be too complex for persons with intellectual disabilities to internalize.

The initiative is a complementary effort to address the challenge of economic marginalization against PWIDs, whom due to deeply entrenched social stereotype in Zanzibar stand a very slim chance to be employed in both public and private sectors. No official data on their employment status but the observations show that, no PWID has been employed in public sector. Likewise, only few PWIDs have been employed in private sector, and are lowly paid.

In brevity, the project was intended to equip youths with intellectual disabilities with vocational skills thereby enabling them to:
-   Employ themselves through Income Generation Activities (IGAs)
-   Rise against the challenge of discrimination and marginalization in their communities
-   Change mindsets of the general public towards PWID
-   Rise against the challenge of poverty
-   Earn respect (esteem) within their families, communities and the general public

The courses pursued include;
-   Housekeeping and gardening
-   Masonry
-   Painting